Thursday, August 4, 2016


Every once in a while, I veer away from my staples and go for dapper outfits. After all, there’s nothing like strutting to a place looking sharp and classy.

When I was invited to attend an event at Conrad Hotel I knew I had to dress up. Tossing aside fashion flexibility, but going inside a 5-star hotel with my street casuals might seem a bit off, lol. I decided to skip wearing my usual blacks and go for a blue and white look.

For me, blue and white colors are always a classic. They also emit a very clean and classy look. It’s one of my go-to combinations if I want to leave a subtly regal and calm impression.

I personally have a hard time getting away with wearing white pants. Firstly, it’s so hard to maintain—imagine having a stain on your white pants, it’s definitely an eyesore. Second, as a commuter, wearing white pants might not be the best idea, unless you want it to turn dirty white. So with these being said, you just have to find the right combination and situation to be able to pull it off.

I decided to pair my white pants with a blue button down shirt. Not only does it complement well to the clean look of the white pants but it adds an extra calming tone to the ensemble. 

Top: H&M | Bottom: Uniqlo | Eyewear: Komono | Shoes: Hush Puppies

Whenever you go dapper, wearing dress shoes can go a long way. I love this pair from Hush Puppies! Ever since I was in high school, I’ve been a fan of the brand (maybe because I love dogs and the branding is so cute and proper, haha). Unlike other dress shoes I’ve worn, using this pair is a breeze! It’s one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn!

When you're trying to find a good pair of white pants then Uniqlo has got you covered! their pants are stretchable and comfortable at the same time. This pair really fits me nicely-- folded or not, it still looks good. Go and try one for yourself!

Another feel good top from H&M

I sported these awesome shades from my Komono family. I’ve been using it non-stop in my endeavours. You always have to complement dapper days, right? 

Loving the precision and elegance of Komono sunglasses. Talk about powerful simplicity in aesthetics!