Saturday, August 27, 2016


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been doing errands since an early age. From the simple task of buying suka from our local sari-sari store to sorting out bills to be paid, my errands have always been there to guide me in the world of adulthood.

Along the way, I’ve picked up a few pointers when it comes to doing errands. One of which is dressing for the part. You don’t expect to dress up all neat and dapper when you’re just buying fish from your local wet market, right? The same thought goes for every errand scenario you can think of.

Top: Nike | Bottom: Thrifted | Shoes: Nike | Bag: Nike | Watch: Komono

When it comes to errands that involve a lot of walking, athleisure wear is one of your best bets. Athleisure wear has slowly been on the rise today because people nowadays tend to do so many things in one day. And in a tropical country, where heat can sweat-drench your style, athleisure wear steps in to address that problem.

My ensemble helped me slog through the streets of Bonifacio High Street without getting a heat stroke. Nike has fantastic fabrics that easily absorb sweat and regulate body heat.

This Nike shirt is super on-point! Aside from it's cuteness, it literally speaks to my heart and soul. That's Afrotastic for you!

For me, proper timing during errands is always important. That's why I always bring my classy watch from Komono.

Trivia: I’m a boy scout whenever I leave home. I bring a lot of things with me like a camera, drawing pad, powerbank, toiletries, and a lot more! That’s why I always have a fairly big bag to go with.

I don’t really have an issue when I go to events with a big backpack because I’ve been doing it since high school and college. I remember there was a time when a lot of my school mates were having their debuts. I would always arrive late (courtesy of training) and my friends would find it funny because even though I was all dressed up, I was sporting a huge gym bag, lol.

Adulting is never easy, but I think it's not so bad when you look good and feel good, right?

Photos | Arnie Villanueva (Raid My Closet)