Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I was invited to have a meeting at Grind PH—the non-stop action sports shop in the Philippines. The shop is perfect for adrenaline junkies like me! In Grind PH you get to have a wide selection of action sport lifestyle brands like Hurley, Volcom, Supra, Roxy, Quiksilver, DC, and many more. These brands are perfect if you’re into skating, surfing, and biking.

Everything here speaks the word "adventure"

All these brands are taunting me to go surfing or mountaineering, lol. Hopefully soon!

There is one particular brand in Grind PH that has just recently made its way here in the Philippines. It's precision craft and effective simpleness definitely brings something new to the table. The brand is all about the perfect vision and timing-- Introducing: Komono

Me and co-blogger Arnie (Raid my Closet) were welcomed by Keiko and Vida of Primer Group of Companies to have a broader background about Komono. These ladies were awesome! We all had a hearty and "sabaw" chat. 

Did you know that Komono is actually a Belgian brand? I know! I was surprised myself. The brand originally hailed from Belgium and is now making its way to the Philippines. Komono is all about fierce dedication to quality and craft. Each product is crafted with precision and is flavoured with Belgian tradition.

Komono actually means “small things”— its members lean it on the idea of quality culture into its simplest form. 

The shades and watches of Komono look absolutely gorgeous. Not only does Komono look good but they’re also comfortable to wear! I personally love style and comfort crafted in an elegant design. Komono is available at Grind PH and Bratpack stores.

On a side note, I went around the store to check out the other brands of Grind PH

Take a look at these Hershel bags!

Always a fan of caps and sneakers; Grind PH displayed a lot of on-point designs.

I was given my very own Komono sunglasses and watches, plus a note! It’s actually my first time to experience this so it’s definitely one for the books. What a humbling experience!

I have to admit, their designs are pretty fly; I can’t wait to try out these babies!

Thank you to our Komono family and Primer Group of Companies for making us your online influencers! Always thankful for this wonderful opportunity, much love!

Wesbite: www.komono.com | Instagram: @komono_store_ph & @komono | Facebook: @komono

Grind PH
Website: www.grind.com.ph | Instagram: @grind.ph | Facebook: @originalgrind

p.s. I have an exciting blog post about the Komono watches and sunglasses so stay tuned!