Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Century of Philippine Art

Time has once again extracted pieces of the past to bring back to the present. It’s as if an old familiar book was found, the dusted pages decided to begin not on the 1st page, but at the end. There is so much to feel about the: “A Century of Philippine Art” exhibit. But even with its delicacy and finesse, it’s still definitely worth seeing.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always been an avid fan of art exhibits. The silence. The antiseptic vibe. The subtle intellect. It’s a scenario where silent relics burst with a million octaves. And for me, that’s beautiful. Consequently, my mind wanders and tries to seemingly connect with the pieces exposed around me. It’s as if the energy of the artist grasps you by the shoulder and tells a personal story. 

About a week ago, Century City Mall and Galeria De las Islas presented “A Century of Philippine Art” exhibit. It was an event not only to celebrate art, but to pay homage to the great Filipino talent that sculpted centuries of local tradition and culture. In the exhibit, More than 100 timeless masterpieces by world-renowned Filipino artists were generously showcased.

I was actually more than excited to attend the event. To be frank, it did not fall short in providing an immersive experience. Each turn cultivated both the heart and the soul-- from the sculptures to the paintings, every piece of art work was something to marvel at. It was enough to brim the mind with subtle inspiration. But before all these, I had to grace well with the toasting ceremony, of course.

100 art pieces were curated over a century period by one of the oldest art gallery in Manila: Galeria de las Islas or Gallery of the Islands located at the Silahis Center in Intramuros. The art gallery has been at work since 1967 and has been revered as collecting Philippine art genres.

Sharing some thoughts here but the exhibit was no place for excess energy. There was no room for quick and unnecessary movements. Much to my nervousness, walking distractedly with a backpack might not be the best option when you're squeezing through the place. Not when you have "priceless" relics susceptible to damages. It's definitely enough to make one's heart skip three beats, haha.

Overall, the event was calm and serene as expected at an art exhibit. Aside from the musical ensemble performing traditional Filipino melodies, refreshments and small delicacies were offered to the viewers. 

However, what peaked my interest was that a fashion show of Filipina Gowns was showcased during the opening. Each dress piece ignited with intricate designs that perfectly complemented the timeless ambiance of the exhibit. 

After the fashion show, I decided to do one last round of immersion among the artworks. Like a curious kid, I decided to interpret the meaning of each artwork. Some were "kind of" easy to understand but the others were deeper than the concept of vague. But it's still the raw energy of these relics that breed new perspective to hungry thoughts.

Believe me when I say this, but these photos do not justify how majestic these works of art are. So a visit to the exhibit is in order. You know what to do.

Art exhibits will always be my quiet place to be, but even so, it's still something even unfamiliar audiences can appreciate. Because like an old book accidentally discovered, it's still a curious thing waiting to be opened. 

Cheers to our local artists, Mabuhay ang sining.

The Century of Philippine Art exhibit at the 4th level of Century City Mall is open for everyone during mall hours from September 22- October 6, 2016. The artworks are also for sale.