Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cityscapes with JanSport

Let’s be honest, the JanSport backpack is not hard to miss. This piece of all-around functionality has avidly been “shouldered” by people looking for fun and discovery. From jeepney rides to mall walks, I’ve always spotted this bag with its signature logo. But I guess I’ll be seeing it more around Cityscapes.

For its 7th strong year, JanSport has partnered with Bratpack to conjure a theme that would match the urban youth lifestyle: Cityscape. The theme is a sure way to let you live in your very own urban universe—with an adventure bag to go with, of course.

The event launched the first JanSport Right Pack Signature Series in collaboration with Bratpack. As graced by the theme, the store was riddled with games that encouraged being “street smart”. I very much enjoyed every activity—especially the free food. 

The JanSport Right Pack Signature Series X BratPack design pretty much speaks to the city vibe of the local scene. Everything from the theme to the collaboration was productively placed in the right places to express what it means to carry a Philippine urban lifestyle.

Flashy can be an exaggeration to what the bag looks like because JanSport has premiered designs that bloom with eye-catches. Nevertheless, the grey tone and the city carving of the design is definitely something an urban Afro kid like me would carry—it’s clean and functional, after all. 

The JanSport Right Pack Signature Series X BratPack design is exclusive in the Philippines with only 22 pieces available in BratPack Greenbelt 5. Yup, you’ve read that right, only 22 pieces. 

The JanSport Right Pack Signature Series features:
Forge Grey Codura / Suede leather bottom | Unique embroidered design on front pocket | Country flag embroidery on side panel | Store logo embroidery on side panel