Saturday, September 10, 2016


As staple as it may sound, time really does fly. To be honest, things have been crazy after graduation. I've been wading in the pool of the workforce for almost a year now. And every once in a while, the feeling of being completely lost comes to mind as I try to make sense of everything. In these instances, I take a deep breath and look at things beyond the horizon

It's not easy transitioning to adulthood. Back then, I thought I was ready with what life can throw at me. Juggling academics and training was a challenge so I believed it to be my greatest advantage. "Come at me, life, I'm ready for you", I thought to myself, and life really came at me with an uppercut to go with. 

Jacket: Thrifted | Shirt: Rip N Dip | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Vans

Entering the real world was really scary at first. I was an awkward newbie amongst a world full of veterans. Alien things like bills and job orders entered my life and responsibilities came crashing down my plate. I literally wondered through the employee universe with just the ceaseless energy of my youth to back me up.

But I do believe that this small progress of being an adult has shaped me to become a stronger and wiser person.  But it wasn't easy-- far from it, to be precise. Because like all those "penniless and lost millennials" posts you've seen on social media, I too am a testimony of their outcry for survival. As the saying goes,"the struggle is real".

In the end, even with all the struggles I've experienced from being an adult, it's still a life worth exploring. After all, there is always beauty in the unknown.