Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blissful at B Hotel Alabang

There’s a blissful haven down south where one can find comfort and solitude, far-off from the busy and stressful jungle that is Manila. B Hotel Alabang pays homage to anyone looking to have a luxurious yet affordable staycation. It’s definitely far away from my usual spots, but it doesn’t stray from saying a very warm, “welcome home”.

Unlike B Hotel Quezon City, with its steel and concrete design, B Hotel Alabang is more of the “homey” feel. The wooden aesthetics complement well with the hotel’s dim lighting to give you a calm and quiet scenario. It’s a solution for anyone trying to find solitude from all the noise pollution.

B hotel is highly known for its rooms to have "blissful beds". The idea was that the beds were so soft and comfortable that you'll end up not wanting to leave it. Much to its label, the beds of B Hotel Alabang were truly blissful. Upon entering our room, we were welcomed with a simple gesture of fruits, flowers, and a quaint swan set-up.

The rooms of B Hotel Alabang are one of the nicest hotels I've stayed in-- especially when you're thinking about it on a budget-minded sense. We stayed at their Standard Room which featured a king-sized bed, air conditioning unit, LED television w/ cable, in-room safe, mini bar loaded with snacks and drinks, green tea themed toiletries (I know, right? awesome!), and a work desk. 

Our day was jam-packed with activities from the hotel so we had a few minutes to spare before we headed out again. So I did what any right-minded guy would do: order room service food, ha! Me and my co-bloggers were treated like royalty. From food to transportation service, B Hotel has a fine way of showing their guests a convenient time. Just sharing some awesome service experience but when I went to B Hotel Alabang, my packed polo was wrinkled. Just one call from their service center and poof! instant clothes iron! neat, right?

B hotel's Shuttles cater to the guests that want to tour back and forth from the hotel and the Bellevue Hotel-- a 5-star hotel that's swanky and full of class. We had a swell time shooting our ootds there, you guys can check it out here on my blog. Aside from this, the food quality from the hotel was excellent. The food was well-covered to preserve the juiciness and the freshness of each dish. Oh, we had Beef Salpicao and Farfalle Sorrento, by the way.

We had a hotel itinerary so we didn't waste anymore time. After a few hours of enjoying some quality time with the services of the hotel we were invited to try out the premium dishes of the hotel's prime cafe. Prime Cafe was the first thing you see when you look at the left side of the hotel. Aside from serving good food, it's dim ambiance during the evenings are excellent for intimate talks and bonding sessions.

Me and my co-bloggers were treated with the chef's recommendation, ranging from sisig to Kare-Kare-- mostly Filipino food. We were allowed to order as many as we can so you can imagine my excitement when I managed to wolf down most of the dishes. With a menu ready for us, I still did take extra photos of other delicacies available at the buffet and pastry counter.

After dinner, we were generously invited to experience the nightlife of the Bellevue Hotel. We went to the Vue bar to get the disco spirit up and running, ha! seriously though, I witnessed some energetic "Titas of Manila" there dancing to Saturday night fever. The bar was on the 22nd floor so you get a good view of Alabang from there. I had the liberty to try out the bar's frozen martini which was great, by the way.

We were again pampered through food, drinks, and beer pong-- you guys should check out the beer pong set-ups there! From the upbeat music to the food and alcohol, we all had an extremely great night. It was the perfect way to cap off the day but it definitely went off with a luxurious bang. Cheers, indeed.

For our last day, we were given the freedom to try out the remaining services of the hotel. We had breakfast at Prime Cafe and did some casual walks around the hotel-- I did try out the kid's play pen, lol. Before long it was time to head home, but not before experiencing "lunch at bed".

Basically, even on the second day of our stay at B Hotel Alabang, we were still given the best pampering services they could offer. This hotel doesn't pull back when it comes to giving their customers convenience and gastronomic satisfaction.

B Hotel Alabang has been excellent in making me experience their awesome services. It's one of those hotels that cater to your wants even before you can think of it. From all my staycation experiences, I just want to say that this is definitely one for the books. From its gastronomic treats to its blissful beds, the hotel is a haven to look forward to aside from your home. 

So if you want a place that recreates what it feels to have a 'paradise of a home', then the simple yet extravagant haven that is B Hotel Alabang is a sure way to pick up and pamper the weary soul. I'm definitely going to have more staycations there.

B Hotel Alabang
2107 Prime Street, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa