Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Now, if I didn’t think it would be scorching hot at the localities of Pampanga, I wouldn’t be layering for the occasion. I even had the thought that white clothes would block off even a hint of mean sun rays—which were really mean. With the struggle to stunt my aesthetics, looking at the mirror can definitely save the day. White denim looks seriously good, by the way.

For the TLC Foodsteps experience, I opted to try out a white denim jacket and tailored slacks from H&M. Both pieces have weight and they can make you feel that you’re living from the cool side of the west coast. But here, well, you just have to fake it til’ you make it. Joking aside, I never had the pleasure to wear denim jackets— specifically, a white one— so I decided to try it out.

Denim Jacket: H&M | Shirt: Penshoppe | Bottom: H&M | Footwear: Nike | Backpack: Outdoor

And just when I thought the wood-based ancestral restaurants of Pampanga were eating up my whites alive, Café Fleur comes in to save the day. I’m really digging the white and clean design of the place—add a dash of floral themes and you’re all good. 

But if there’s an MVP in my ensemble it would be the backpacks from Outdoor. As the name implies, it’s perfectly made for the outdoors. As a backpack person, this functional black piece of an aesthetic has saved me more times in the baggage and space department than my luggage. Light packing goes a long way, you know?

Outdoor Products manufacture quality gear for all facets of an adventurous life. Their backpacks can fit your lifestyle whether you’re being a mandirigma in your commute or you’re attending a classy party. When it comes to Outdoor Products, every pack is designed to satiate your every need for function and comfort while you’re exploring the outside world. Whatever you do, they help you carry it well.

I’ve tried and tested their backpacks, and man, can I just say that not only are they stylish but they are also insanely durable. That’s form and function for you, yup. 

Not a backpack person, but Arnie's also digging her Outdoor Backpack. We can't wait to have more adventures with it! 

Photos | Arnie Villanueva (Raid my Closet)