Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Craft Central

Arts and crafts have always been a favorite of all-around tinkers. There is much pleasure when you go about novelty and curiosity stores finding the perfect arsenal for your artistic endeavors. Because like any local crafter, there is much magic when neat things thread your hands. So if ever you’re into these things like me, then why not head to The Craft Central.

 Think of The Craft Central as your favorite neighborhood specialty retailer. Whatever your artsy-fartsy habits need, they have all the goodies lined-up for you. You’ll definitely have a wonderful time breezing through the art items, which by the way are well-crafter by local artists.

A few weeks ago I witnessed the once virtual shop open its own physical store at Greenbelt 5, Makati. It’s quite the heartfelt feat to witness our local artists strive to share as much of their passion to our hearts.

Like any soft opening, The Craft Central did us well by providing giveaways and artistic demos to get the crafty spirit rolling. Local brands gave freebies like bath bombs, calligraphy notebooks, and perfumes

The Craft Central definitely carries its name well because almost everything you can think of in an artistic product is catered there. The Items ranged from calligraphy pens, books, teapots, stamps, and even artisanal soaps.

The novelty kid in me imploded (not literally) when I began to explore the rest of the store. You can definitely get lost here, in a whimsical way.

The store was an artist’s heaven in itself. The shelves were pretty much packed with all sorts of quirks and fancies that tickled the curiosity. If you’re into explosions of arts and crafts, then this place is perfect for you. Every corner will definitely greet you with an artistic gesture.

Now If I were to be perfectly honest, I wanted to take home all the items there, ha! But really now, you can’t get enough of your fill once you see all the neat stuff at The Craft Central-- Jurassic pots, anyone?


 The Craft Central is always a dream come true for anyone who has that artsy-farsty spirit in them. But aside from the artistry and the epic items, it's still a store that caters to all people who are willing to welcome a dash of art in their lives. 

Welcome to arts and crafts. Welcome to The Craft Central.

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