Monday, October 31, 2016

Vivere Salon

Now if you’re wondering how I maintain my extremely curly hair, it’s that I don’t. Ranging from a lion’s mane to something out of a low-budget horror movie, my hair has always been subject to wonder and criticism. So after the usual wash-and-dry, I managed to break from the routine to take my hair someplace where it can be “tamed”: at Vivere Salon.

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to try out the services of Vivere Salon. A first time, as I’ve never had my hair fixed or managed. Because aside from the extremely budgeted barbershops I go to, my hair has only been subject to my own art scissors—which are conveniently sharp, to be fair. So it’s fortunate enough that I finally had my hair treated.

The art of Vivere Salon is that it manages to pull-off the hair that you want and need at a low-maintenance state. Meaning, what you want for your hair, you get it with the importance of managing it easily. Such technique and precision comes from a local team that has had prestigious trainings over world renowned hair educators. They make it a point that their signature cuts and distinctive hair weaving geometry always falls to the Filipino preference.

As a reflection of its style, the salon’s interior keeps a simple yet edgy design; sleek yet classy. Upon sitting down, the stylist already plots ahead the kind of environment you hair is subject to, which reflects the style they make for each customers. Added to this convenience is the choice to have a round of refreshments that are a lovely add-on. 

I decided to have a haircut and subjected my hair to the Wave Save treatment. The Wave Save treatment gives a strong rehydrating nourishment to my hair so that the frizzies are kept at bay without weighing it down—leaving me with strong, lustrous looking curls. 

True enough, the services were able to tame my mess of a hair! Please do mind the pictures as I look like an enthusiastic kid who had his first haircut. It is my first time getting a treatment, after all. Thank you Vivere Salon for pampering my hair. Until the next time!