Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wingstop Flavor Invasion

Now, I wouldn’t be saying this like a cruel joke, but like this long overdue post, there’s a long list of flavors lined up for every chicken wing lover out there. I’ve witnessed a spree of chicken wings over the course of my indulgences. But the variations at Wingstop have always been a flavor party—or a flavor invasion, if I were to be more specific. 

 In the bustle of the Manila Jungle, there is a favorite “stop” where people can enjoy good food and good company at a reasonable price, especially when you’re talking about chicken wings. Wingstop is always a haven for chicken wing lovers that want to chill and at the same time be delighted with its flavor variations. Another “Ba-Gawk” episode, but this time, it comes in tons of amazing choices.

What makes Wingstop sell is that they prioritize on multiple flavors that cater to the picky palate. With its 12 whopping flavors, you’ll be delighted with the choices at your disposal. They also make it a point to serve you with the freshest of dishes. No heat lamps, microwaves, and holding bins, just good ol’ food that’s cooked-to-order. 

I personally enjoyed choosing what flavor to order—with a bit of struggle on the side. But I guess that’s what makes Wingstop so inviting. There is always that challenge and pressure to choose what to order next. You’ll never run out of choices here! 

Here’s the Flavor Invasion Guide:

Hot Buffalo – The granddaddy sauce
Hickory Smoked Barbecue – Smoky & sweet
Louisiana Rub – Deep southern Cajun for you
Cajun – Extra Zing!
Atomic – Only for the boldest
Mango Habanero – Sweet with a betrayal of spicy
Lemon Pepper – You’re in for a zesty surprise
Garlic Parmesan – Sinful with the butter and garlic
Mild – Won’t let you sweat, promise
Teriyaki – Oriental, of course
Spicy Korean Q - A hint of honey and a splash of sriracha chili sauce
Hawaiian – For all you citrus lovers out there
Aside from these badass flavors, Wingstop doesn’t stop with just flavors alone. They also have 3 varieties of Chicken Wings: Classic, Boneless, and Chicken Tenders. Whichever you order, they’ll sauce and toss it with your chosen flavor. But let’s not stop there; Wingstop also has different dishes like Fries, Onion Rings, and Coleslaw. Whatever you need, they got you covered-- Neat, huh? 

We had the Louisiana Rub and Garlic Parmesan for wings. We also added Boneless Bites and Chipotle Rice to take a more gastronomic experience.On a personal taste, all our orders were good. I love how Wingstop always maintains their dishes with quality in taste.

In the end, we also decided to amp it up by ordering some fries and onion rings, no shame there. As much as we would like to avoid it, food coma was innevitable. Also, I've realized that I've been having a lot of food comas nowadays, ha!

I’ve always loved eating at Wingstop. The vibe of the place pretty much speaks to everyone; like the hip and energetic folk. But aside from the atmosphere, the flavor experience is what keeps the people hooked. So whenever you want to go grab chicken wings that are worth the variation and indulgence, then better head over to Wingstop for some flavor invasion.

I have yet to try out all their flavors so a lot of "clucking" episodes are in order. Cheers to more wings, Wingstop.

Wingstop Flavor Invasion
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