Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Gentleman's Game with General

As much as I would like to imagine my country to be a winter wonderland this Holiday season, layering even at tolerable degrees can still be a death wish. But then I thought: yeah whatever, let’s still layer for the occasion. With the Christmas rush knocking on our doorsteps, I’ve decided to welcome my continuous adulthood stage by layering with a gentleman’s ensemble at General

Forged —okay, I made the intro sound manly— upon the qualities of cleverness and distinction, General embodies the solid values of a traditional gentleman and a man of action as reflected in its discerning selection of brands and well thought out in-store programs and campaigns. If you happen to buy from them this Christmas (which is a good choice), then General will make a versatile gentleman out of you.

Some distinctive brands at General may be new to the staple wear at malls but they definitely catch the eye. Brands like Bering, Millican, and Red Wing Shoes, may sound intimidating for one’s usual apparel preference, but as I would like to believe, buying here is definitely a gentleman’s game. 

Other brands found in General are Masterpiece bags, Lyle & Scott, Victorinox Apparel, Stance, Herschel, Dr. Martens, G-Star, Hex, Johnson and Murphy shoes, Rains, Raen, Swims, and Hedgren. Aside from big brands, General is busy in keeping up with what’s trending but at the same time, being productive in sales. That’s why among General’s in-store programs is the Curatorship.

The Curatorship is an occasional invitation to individuals, brands, and icons to redesign the store’s interiors in accordance to their personal taste and style, the event reflects General’s qualities to be adaptive and up-to-date. Meanwhile, the General Assembly is a social event that goes hand in hand with the Curatorship program. The event primarily invites key influencers and VIP customers to come together and witness the inauguration of a store’s latest curatorship.  

At General, you will find an array of lifestyle products that caters to the modern man’s taste for quality and distinction. Whether it’s for one’s self or for an equally cultivated gentleman, General is there to sprinkle some subtle but solid class. 

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