Thursday, November 10, 2016

Boardwalk Silversaya

Last October, I was invited to attend the prestigious celebration of a particular brand. As a company that has been active in showcasing fashion and lifestyle across the Philippines, Boardwalk has a lot of positive pride. After all, 25 years is enough to award the brand with an amazing “silver platter”. Celebrate with Boardwalk Silversaya!

Since its inception, Boardwalk has been generous in providing consumers what they need.  From the local business programs to giving aspiring youngsters of the runway a chance to thrive with model searches and fashion shows, Boardwalk is no stranger to giving opportunities to the local scene. To date, this social enterprise has helped over a million personal shoppers along with introducing hundreds of models and designers to the fashion industry.

At its 25th year, Boardwalk decided to celebrate with games, music, and a spectacular fashion show competition. As expected on the scale of the event, the place was full of excited energy. Fans of famous artists like Alden Richards, Sam Pinto, and Kim Rodriguez were passionate about bringing props to the event. Others were rooting for their favorite model to win the competition.  Good thing we got good seats because the place was definitely packed.

Oh! By the way, before I became focused on the main event. I came across clean shirts from Boardwalk that were artistic and text-heavy. It turns out the shirts are part of Boardwalk Shares. Boardwalk Shares carries a trademark Share Shirt Collection wherein 25% shirt’s price, once purchased, is donated for the production of a small business. The starter gives our less-fortunate countrymen a sustainable livelihood. It's enough reason to buy one.

Not long, the Boardwalk Model Search: Silversaya Edition finally began. Hundreds of aspirants took to the stage in the hope of becoming Boardwalk’s new face. The competition had 4 categories: teen, junior, plus, and model. Each winner will bag a modeling contract worth P15,000 plus a cash prize of P10,000. Competition was tight as each contestant was ranked by prestigious designers of the Philippines.

Before, I didn’t really have an idea on what the fashion sense of Boardwalk was until their newest apparel collection was strutted at the event. I really loved the combination of colors and design. Personally, one of the highlights of the competition was the superhero segment—not because of the underwear collection, promise! Okay, maybe I wouldn’t mind sporting a couple of fierce boxers.

Between breaks, we were given access to meet the Pambansang Bae, Alden Richards. We also had the chance to have a small conversation with model, Sam Pinto, and upcoming star, Kim Rodriguez. All three of them did a mini concert for the delight of their fans. Rising boy band, One Up, also performed alongside local dancers.

Alden Richards was a different story, of course. When he entered the stage, everyone just went bonkers. The edge of the stage was filled with raised-up smartphones and the occasional diehard fan crying and shouting Alden’s name. That's the charisma of our local artists, yup.

The show ended with the announcement of winners of the Boardwalk Model Search: Silversaya Edition

 From the promotion of charities and opportunities to the grand spectacle that was showcased, Boardwalk sure knows how to cater to the entertainment needs of its consumers. If you guys don't know, I had an ootd post about their latest collection. Even I didn't think the apparel combination would be that good-- courtesy of brand ignorance, I guess.

Thank you Boardwalk for lasting 25 years in the industry! To greater heights!