Sunday, November 6, 2016

Burger King Chicken Fries

Being a chick magnet is cute and all, but only if you’re pieces of edible sticks that constitute what it means to be ingenious and delicious. If you haven’t noticed anything new about Burger King, then let me lay it on you. They have combined chicken and fries and decided to put it in a very cute package. It’s very much addictive— in a positive way. Introducing Burger King’s Chicken Fries!

 All hail for Burger King as they have once again crafted sinful delights to the local consumers. I’ve always been a fan of their products as I have wolfed down most of their burgers with some guilt on the side. But yeah, it’s Burger King so go figure. This time, though, I think I’ll be taking a break on the usual and indulge on some finger sized fries. Okay, let’s be honest.  I’ll still order burgers on the side, ha!

Burger King’s Chicken Fries is a snack made with white chicken meat cut into finger sized fries. The fries are coated with a light breading and seasoned with savory spices and herbs. Basically, it’s crisp, tender, and juicy. You can choose from BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Maple Syrup! Since I only tried the BBQ sauce, I’ll be coming back for more.

Burger King’s Chicken Fries comes in 6 pieces at Php 119 and 9 pieces at Php 149. Every Chicken Fries order also comes with stickers that you can decorate on its box! Arnie and I had a swell time decorating our Chicken Fries character. In the end, we decided to place a mustache on its female features—if that makes any sense.

The Chicken Fries of Burger King are available for a limited time only, so better hurry!

 Head to your nearest Burger King branch now! Remember to take photos, upload on social media, and include the hashtags #ChickenFries and #BurgerKingPH!