Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mossimo: End of Season Sale

It wasn’t until a few days back that I got the chance to absorb Mossimo at the back of my mind. Maybe because I saw my father wear their Khaki jeans with confidence. Daddy apparel was what I first perceived the brand to be. A few purchases and a 70% off sale later, I quickly changed my mind.

 With the Holidays fast approaching, the classic panic buying from discounts is always present. Mossimo is no stranger to this activity. That's why they have their End of Season Sale. As a lifestyle brand for men and women, Mossimo focuses its fashion on a high level of functionality, quality, and reliability. These qualities added with an End of Season sale makes a day at a Mossimo store all the more immersive and fruitful.

Arnie and I had a productive time shopping at their crazy discount. To be honest, I didn’t think Mossimo would have clothes that leaned on my fashion sense. But here I am, more than excited to share my Mossimo ensemble post! Stay tuned for that.

All the clothes brimmed what the essence of the brand was all about, trendy, edgy, sophisticated, kiddy, all these things collated together to create a stream of clothes that would suit anyone of any age. Not to mention, these clothes (as my father stands testimony to it) are crafted to be excellently durable and reliable. But let’s not forget that the End of Season sale truly entices people to style up with Mossimo. After all, you don’t get 70% discount every day.

The promo might end anytime soon so better swing by to your nearest Mossimo store! the clothes are fantastic, take it from me.