Friday, November 4, 2016

Style with Boardwalk

Another milestone on my blog post, but I had the opportunity to try out the fashion style of Boardwalk. A first time yet again, as I have never worn a full set of a certain brand. Did I like the look? Oh, very much so.

Boardwalk graciously provided me with their massive collection of clothes found in their digital catalogue. What complemented such an opportunity was that I was supposed to cover and celebrate their 25th year of being successful in the fashion and business industry.

Very much like their brand direction, the ensemble I wore pretty much speaks to what Boardwalk is all about: An expansive industry that continues to showcase fashionable apparel and trendsetting lifestyle products that cater to their audience. True enough, this ensemble with grey and blue tones manages to keep a street-oriented kid like me clean and sleek.

But let's not forget that what I wore can also lean to being fashionable and trendy.

Jacket: Boardwalk | Button-down: Boardwalk | Pants: Boardwalk | Shoes: Boardwalk | Backpack: Outdoor

I also decided to bring my Outdoor backpack for this shoot since it really complements well with the tones of my ensemble. Another winning moment as I had the chance to strut this stylish backpack around Metro Manila. I've said it before but backpacks from Outdoor are not only incredibly stylish but they are also durable to the core!

With the cold season right on our doorsteps, layering can be convenient. As much as I would like to enjoy the breezy winds of the "ber" months, I'm always prone to catching colds. But no doubt, I wouldn't dare stunt this outfit if it were in the middle of Summer.  

I'm giving Boardwalk a huge pat on the back. Because the unexpected brands can give you the style you deserve. If you liked this look then better watch out for my blog post regarding Boardwalk: Silversaya. Stay Tuned!

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Photos | Arnie Villanueva (Raid my Closet)