Thursday, December 8, 2016

James Reid & Nadine Lustre for Parisian x Milanos

I’ve never seen James Reid or Nadine Lustre in person until a few days back. I wasn’t really a fan nor was I watching this celebrity couple conquer the showbiz scene—maybe a few Jollibee commercials from time to time—but it might be the latest collection of Parisian and Milanos that sparked the JaDine in me. No shame there, really.

The SMX Convention Center was in full energy as tons of booths catered to the excited fans of the celebrity couple. From fan-based merchandise to fun games, the organizers of Parisian and Milanos definitely knows how to give their JaDine fans a good time; Extremely large Jenga, anyone?

But one of the crown jewels of the event (aside from the free food, yup) resided at the center of the convention. Graced with eye-catching lights, the shoes and bags gleamed to the wandering eye. The latest Holiday collection of Parisian and Milanos definitely piqued my interest. 

The Parisian Shoes and Bags’ holiday collection gets a glamorous upgrade, mixing classic and modern textures to create the ultimate silhouette for the season. Fierce and added with a dose of attitude, the shoes and bags are pretty much the embodiment of Nadine Lustre.

Anyone can be all over slick boot, comfy sneakers, and stylish loafers. Just like James Reid, the Milanos holiday collection is all about looking cool and smooth but balancing it with a laid-back presence. I’m definitely digging their latest collection, and to tell you honestly, the shoes are really good for its price.

After a few tours around the commercial spot, we finally settled near the stage to experience the Parisian & Milanos runway show. Singer and celebrity Sam Conception was there to serenade the crowd. The 1st collection of Milanos started the show

Not before long, James Reid finally stepped on stage and the crowd went wild. I literally felt SMX shake from the energy of the fans.

Next up was the Parisian collection

Another wild moment occured when Nadine Lustre entered the runway. Arnie's a big fan of her, by the way. I usually get my JaDine reference from her, ha!

The celebrity couple did their best to serenade the crowd and showcase "kilig" moments.

 Okay, I wasn't really a JaDine fan up until now. I rarely spot them on social media (maybe because I didn't really pay attention) but it's a different feeling when you see them in person. The stage presence they emit can truly spark awe and anticipation. I had some subtle goosebumps when they exchanged energy with their fans. Truly an amazing spectacle. 

Standing as the perfect complement, Parisian and Milanos is a tag team brand that definitely sparks interest to anyone who sees it. The style both brands put into its apparel is something that caters well for everyone, much like the presence of JaDine.

I wasn't really knowledgeable about the brand. But after seeing their collection, I realize that it's something that can become your newest favorite-- much like my celebrity experience with James and Nadine.

By the way! I copped two Milanos shoes so stay tuned for my ensemble for it. In the meantime do follow me on Facebook & Instagram for Afrotastic posts. 

Thanks for having me Parisian ang Milanos!
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