Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lord Nermal

Rip it and Dip it with Lord Nermal.

It has been too long since I've posted an ootd. Too long. Events have been piling up and my long list of overdue blog posts are still slumbering in my little Afrotastic drawer. But like I always say, better to write something good than crappy.

Yesterday, I was already itching for my latest ootd blog post so even if I was already bleary eyed from doing late night photo editing (with a bit of computer games in between, ha!), I made it a point to finish this one. Check it!
1. I never had a jumpsuit
2. I have always loved RipNDip
3. I wanted to have both

Lo' and behold, I decided to spend some money on the things that I liked. A rare occurance but a festivity, nonetheless. After copping the RipNDip shirt at Zumiez, San Diego, I did have a hard time looking for an ensemble that could complement it. Quite the dilemma since my goal was to highlight Lord Nermal and RipNDip-- all for the love of a brand.

Top: Rip N Dip | Tattered Jumpsuit: Forever 21 | San Diego Cap: Lids | Watch: Komono | Shoes: Nike

If you guys don't know who Lord Nermal is, he's the feline character of Rip N Dip that gives people a "special" surprise to whomever decides to peak through the shirt's pocket.

The challenge of this ootd was for Lord Nermal to pop out. Bombers could only do so much to showcase the inner shirt-- lest you want to keep opening up the jacket in between shots. So I can't think of a better complement than a jumpsuit. Just detach one strand and you instantly have a beaming Lord Nermal.

I realized that my blog has been scarce when it comes to ensemble posts so I'm really glad that this finally came out. I can't wait to post the next ones!

Photos | Arnie Villanueva (Raid my Closet)