Friday, December 16, 2016

Oakley: Make it your own

Aside from functionality, the power of engineering can produce instruments of massive style. One such instrument comes in the form of eyewear. But as the cherry on top, engineered eyewear is best when produced on your own taste and preference. With that being the case, then Oakley is just the brand for you because let’s be honest, everyone loves customized things.

Oakley just dropped a feature where you can create a pair of sunglasses that’s personalized just for you. The special customization wall on every Oakley store allows customers to choose the color of the frames, the lenses, and even the signature “O” of Oakley on either side. The store now highlights The new addition to the Oakley Customize Program which is the Latch and Jawbreaker.

Oakley’s lifestyle line comes with three styles to choose from: Holbrook, Sliver, and Frogskin. Here’s how the process works:
1. Choose your frame
2. Choose your lens
3. Choose your stem
4. Choose your Icon
5. Dig those glasses!

Endless designs spray the lighted walls and people get a nice “spectacle” (see what I did there? Ha!) of eyewear options. Since style is a necessity for some people like me, and glasses as our investment, choosing from a lot options is extremely convenient. 

There are over 15 types of frames to choose from and an infinite amount of color combinations. The best part is the swift revert! Since they have all the resources to create your custom sunglasses right in the store, the whole process takes only fifteen minutes! You choose, they deliver, and poof! you walk out with a brand new pair carrying your signature.

If you want one of the best engineered eyewear on the planet that has a customizable feature, then better head on over to Oakley for a visual treat.