Thursday, February 23, 2017

Granny Jeans

Wearing jeans thrice my age has never been a dilemma...

As if the gods have answered my prayers, I finally had time to post my latest ensemble. Actually, I was pretty confident around the better half of February to consistently post on social media but I guess things got too hectic (heck, I don't get a decent sit-down meal at home nowadays). Apologies on my part. But even so! I still valiantly dish out whatever content needs to be showcased. In this case: It's my grandmom's jeans.

Now, It may sound weird that I'm wearing her hand-me-down, but it's actually one of my best pairs. Throw in a description like "aged to perfection" and poof! I have one of the most comfortable jeans on Planet Earth (I hope). The thing about old jeans is that they are comfortable to the core. The color may look faded, but with the proper direction, it can still blend in with one's style. Throw in some layers-- a tucked shirt maybe? Then you're ready to strut it old school style. 

Jacket: Ralph Lauren (Thrifted) | Shirt: H&M | Pants: Levi's | Shoes: GAP | Eyewear: Kimberly

Photos | Arnie Villanueva (Raid my Closet)