Thursday, February 9, 2017

Rock & Seoul

Korean food takes over the a good way. Rock & Roll, ladies and gentlemen.

 Ah yes, Korean culture has been teeming all over the Philippine scene. From dramas to music, it seems the "saranghae" energy is here to stay. After numerous times of journeying to the south for blog events, I find myself at the comfort of the north to experience the Rockin' dishes of a certain korean restaurant.

Rock & Seoul is a one of a kind restaurant where witty jabs and funky artworks come together to create a rockstar theme for curious customers. One thing to note upon entering is the place is pretty much "lit" (literally and figuratively, ha!). 

But really, I had a good time admiring the interior design of Rock & Seoul. "Bap Street Boys" or the "ToFu Fighters", anyone?

But just like their theme, the restaurant also serves rock n' roll dishes with a Korean twist. I'm not that well versed with Korean dishes but Rock & Seoul made sure that my palate was thoroughly educated. The entrance was showcased with their signature dishes and each one brimmed with delight, marking a huge gastronomic anticipation for the guests.

 We were served with Original Bibimpap, Crispy Chicken Melt, Ramyeon, and their house specialty, the Big Boy La Ribs. These were all paired with unlimited banchan as a side dish. They also served lychee Yakult for drinks! (since it was also unlimited, I did my best to get as many refills)

The thing with Korean dishes is that you got all you need in one plate. You have your meat cuts (sometimes seafood), your vegetables, and you have your signature sauce like Cho Gochujang or Yangnyeomjang. Along with these mouthwatering ingredients, Korean side dishes are there to either clean your palate or enhance the flavor of each dish. 

As a finale, Rock & Seoul served us with Charcoal Waffles. Sprinkled with sweets, the dish brimmed with a lot of playful colors. It was a good way to cap off the Korean food night.

 Rock & Seoul is a Korean restaurant where Php 250 can already give you a full and hearty meal. Aside from this, the place might catch your visual appeal since it's very different from your modern Korean restaurant. To have your Korean food rock out, do visit Rock & Seoul.

Rock & Seoul
Third Floor, The Block, SM North EDSA
Quezon City
(+632) 631 7494