Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Dreaming of Japan, but this will have to do...for now.

If there was such a place where my heart's soul must reside in order to find the truest form of discipline and resolve, then that would be Japan. Never mind that deep statement, but really, Japan is my top destination to cap off the year (or maybe the next, if my schedule permits, ha!). Right off the bat, the land of the rising sun has piqued my interest in every aspect. From the culture to the traditional aesthetics, Japan finds a way to always catch my curiosity.

I'm not gonna' lie but food is really one of the main reasons why Arnie and I have been dreaming of going to Japan (and food establishment collaterals on the side). Experiencing the vast culinary offers of Japan will open up a lot of ideas when it comes to crafting new ideas. Also, it provides inspirations when I'm designing establishment mock-ups and social media posters. A bit of sight-seeing here and a bit of food tasting there and poof! New concepts emerge to garner greater ventures. 

Business talks aside, traveling to Japan has always been part of the bucket list. I just want to take in all that I could experience there and turn it into something wonderful, be it a blog post or a new dish for people to taste. For now, with the extremely busy schedule I'm juggling, a Japan-inspired OOTD will have to do.

This is what I wore during an event at Crimson Hotel Alabang. Check it out!

As if the name of the shirt doesn't already enunciate my love for Japan, the cherry blossom trees iron-ed it out. Penshoppe has been killin' it with designs like this.

Shirt: Penshoppe | Jacket: Penshoppe | Pants: Penshoppe | Shoes: Converse | Eyewear: Kimberly

Photos | Arnie Villanueva (Raid my Closet)