Sunday, April 16, 2017

For the busy businessman: Jinjiang Inn- Ortigas

At first glance, Jinjiang Inn- Otigas is the place for a specific set of people. None of that fancy kiddie pools and shiny chandeliers.

Situated near the Ortigas Business District, Jinjiang Inn is a haven to de-stress the heavy duty businessman. Small, quaint, and full or zen, the inn speaks much of its target market-- it is after all a business boutique hotel. Don't get me wrong, anyone can book a room here but the atmosphere emanates with much "adulting". As someone who has had it rough with nano restaurants and other corporate projects, getting a decent and quiet day-off is what Jinjiang Inn offered me-- nods to this place!

Jinjiang Hotel has all the amenities to make you feel pampered but isolated (in a good way). The business room Arnie and I was booked in catered pretty much those that need a much deserved break from their busy lives. Quiet, calm, and downright still. To be honest, the calm demeanor of the place somehow helped us blow off some pressure from all the things we've been doing.

Our stay also included a breakfast buffet at Five Spice Asian Bistro. They offer decent selection of food-- mostly asian cuisine. My best bet here was the choice to get omelettes ( because they used Tamago pans! Subtle fanboy here). 

If the "adulting" life has gotten the better of you, then why not get an affordable, convenient, and quiet hotel to soothe the nerves. I'll definitely be back at Jinjiang Inn after the crazy months to come.

Jinjiang Inn - Ortigas
San Miguel Avenue, Lourdes, Ortigas Center, Pasig
+63(2) 638-1111