Sunday, April 9, 2017

Long hair to short hair with Vivere Salon

After two years, I decided to make the big change and I couldn’t do it without Vivere Salon.

I couldn’t start this blog entry with a “finally!”, to be honest. I do miss my long hair but I am still glad that I decided to cut my hair short. It did take me a lot of contemplations before the big snip snip. My hair is extremely complicated. Wild. Untamed. Abstract. No master of hair combing can calm the mane. That’s why as much as I would like to get cheap haircuts (or cutting my own hair), getting a new and creative hair makeover was a challenging task.

I decided to play it safe and secure by having my hair done at Vivere Salon. And as always, they go beyond one’s expectation. 

The plan was simple: show a picture of the curly haired Jericho Rosales (don’t judge me) and let the stylist’s creativity do the rest. Sir Mark, my hair stylist, went up and beyond to get me all giddy and ecstatic about my new hair.

And as you could tell, I loved it.

So, why did I cut my hair:

1. It was too damn hot: My thick and curly hair probably weighs 5 kilograms it usually gets baked under Summer’s intense heat. The thicker the hair, the more heat it stores on your head. You could literally make a bird’s nest soup with the way my thick hair keeps frying my scalp. Hassle.

2. New ventures, new hair: I know, I know, it sounds a bit generic or corny but I did take this seriously. I haven’t had the courage to share my story regarding the major changes in my life but It will be up on the blog soon enough. Anyway, a lot of business opportunities have been giving me a fresher perspective in life. So, why not go for a new look this time, right?

3. I’ll grow it back again: I cut my hair to grow it back again? Actually, I didn’t really achieve the look I wanted with my long and curly hair because I lacked knowledge and direction on hair styling. My stylist was generous enough to lend me helpful tips: Keratin Relax then Texturize the hair. I’ll definitely try it after a few years!

What do you think of my new look?

For more amazing hair and scalp services, Vivere Salon will always be my safe haven.