Friday, May 19, 2017

Oldie but Goodie

Out with the long tees and in with tucked-in polo shirts...for now.

I've been switching it up when it comes to my fashion sense. It seems I can't even hold a solid pace at my own ensembles, ha! These past months was all about tucked-in shirts and button downs; which is kind of picking up with others (I spotted others wearing the same style as me). Sometimes, I raise both my eyebrows in positive reply (is the early 90's being revived?).

Ensemble thoughts, but I really liked how my father and grandfather dressed up back before Converse was a thing. But still! I can't go full on oldie but goodie since the millennial in me screams of ripped jeans. Enjoy browsing through the photos!

Top: Nike | Pants: Penshoppe | Shoes: H&M | Eyewear: Ray-Ban