Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Penshoppe App: getting closer to my fashion needs

The newly launched Penshoppe App keeps me ready to conveniently shop online.
 I think I've fallen victim to a lot of online shops that sell problematic products. Wrong size, factory defect, inconsistent delivery time, and more horror stories that keep going on my false expectations list. That's why I usually go to trusted brands that cater well to customers. 
However, with the demand of work I've been juggling, I've never had a decent shopping day to post new fashion content on my blog. That's why the Penshoppe App is kind of like one of my answered prayers. I get shopping done online and with just a few taps!
Features of the Penshoppe App:


Updated with the latest collections, right as they come out!

Store Locator
In case you'd like to try the clothes on first.

Wish List
To make you feel more inspired to save up for that dazzling piece!

MyPenshoppe Loyalty Program
Where you can enjoy perks like for every P10.00 earns you 1 point, which can be used to redeem P100.00 e-vouchers for your next shopping spree!  
 Hold up! But Penshoppe is still working on more exciting features. The App is planning to launch options to register online for promos, get first dibs on the next launches, or even gain entry to exclusive Penshoppe events.
You can download the Penshoppe App in Appstore and Google Play. It's for free so download away!