Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Take a Joy Ride! with NutriAsia | New Filipino flavors On The Road

On that day, I became a "mamang sorbetero".

 Well, not really. Arnie and I spotted a dirty ice cream cart at the back of a special food truck so we decided to do a quick shoot with it. Anyway! In regards to the "special food truck", it actually hosts a number of certain dishes. NutriAsia released a Joy Ride food truck in Luneta last June 12, offering Pinoy favorites using the company's quality products. Joy Ride caters well to the local taste buds- perks of being a proud Filipino!

The truck as you see it, is literally one big Filipino fiesta! Check it out!

The price range at Joy Ride were only from Php40 to Php80. NutriAsia made their offerings as affordable as possible so everyone can experience the food (it's very "pang-masa", just how I like it) The serving portions are likewise larger than average, perfect for salu-salo.

With the sweltering heat, you can also cool yourself to some Locally blended juice drink! Trivia: But Locally was one of the very first brands that I loved shooting for Instagram. Their bottles are just too awesome!

Tried Adoburrito - a combination of the popular adobo and burrito, with flavor options like Spicy Adobo or Humba Adobo.Aside from that, we also got to try the Pinoy Chicken Slider served with pandesal and the Siga Bagnet Wrap (prepared with Mang Tomas Siga (the spicy version). It also has Datu Puti vinegar and cucumber to give it a kick.

Overall, most of the dishes were unique on their own but what's common with all of them is that how they go well with the Filipino "taste"- good job to Joy Ride for adapting and serving the customer's needs!

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Until next time!