Friday, June 16, 2017

Three ways to style your button-down ft. Stately Clothing

A simple 3-way guide on how to style your button-downs ft. Stately Clothing.

Back again with another blog post! The reason this post took so long (even though Stately Clothing sent me their collection a few weeks back) was because flu and complications bombarded my body. But I was really dedicated to craft a three style blog post- which is a first! I wasn't really a fan of wearing button-down shirts because of the erratic weather but I managed to do just fine. It did take a while since I wanted to find suitable locations to shoot. 

The three styles I decided to wear are all based on the situations you can be in. Subtly, I also added the factor that it's unreasonably hot here in the Philippines- ha! I hope you guys can pick up a thing or two here in my latest blog post. Check the collection out!



I wore this ensemble when our nano-restaurant decided to do a pop-up bazaar at Capitol Commons, Pasig. I wanted to dress for the occasion but I also knew that without air-conditioning, the heat can be unforgiving. That's why I threw in shorts for this style- truly a lifesaver!

Top: Stately | Bottom: Stately | Shoes: H&M | Eyewear: Zumiez



I hate it but it can put money on the table: last minute client meetings. The ever-so-famous "hey, sorry for the late revert but can we have a meeting at ___?" It usually happens once in our lives but in my case, it happens a lot. But still! It's not an excuse to skip out on a presentable outfit! Even though the ensemble looks relaxed and casual, it does do the job to look stylish and professional. Do take note that this is still wearable even on a normal day!

Top: Stately | Bottom: F21 | Shoes: GAP | Eyewear: Kimberly | Bag: Zalora



My favorite from this 3-part series. I never wear button-down stripes but I think this can be best paired with a summer vibe ensemble. At first look, this can be the most formal but it's also the most viable when it comes to celebratory meetings. I had the pleasure to shoot this at Seda Vertis North- luckily, the place blended well with what I wore!

Top: Stately | Bottom: Zara | Shoes: El Marikeno | Eyewear: Komono

Hope you guys enjoyed! Until next time time!