Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The perfect shoes for commuters

The shoes only for the brave.

If you guys already know, I'm a hardcore commuter since high-school. It all started with riding jeepneys going to Claret School and the rest followed. Most of the time though, commuting in the Philippines is nasty business. You walk toward the nearest bus stop all fresh and dandy, the next thing you know, it's like you and your clothes got hit by a tornado. 

As a blogger, it's evident that dressing up for an event is top priority. Most of the time, I really go for nice and aesthetic shoes- and this is where the problem hits. My commute diaries going to different blog projects consist of erratic rain and the horrific stepped-on-my-white-sneakers-accidentally incidents (I shudder from the thought). It's really hard to spot weather-sealed shoes in the harsh streets of Manila- Ironic, right? But I think I finally got dibs on the perfect solution!

As the brand title says it all, Medal of Valor is only for the brave- which means, it's designed for those who do the daily grind. Crafted with the idea to battle the hassles of footwear disasters, these shoes are the fool proof way of getting around the streets of Manila.

I've already tried and tested these bad boys and I'm saying goodbye to footwear stains sooner than I thought! These shoes are really dependable (and stylish!) when it comes to commuting! 

Jacket: Adidas | Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger | Pants: Thrifted | Shoes: Medal of Valor