Friday, August 11, 2017

Bok Chicken in BonChon!?

BonChon surprises with K-tastic treats!

It's been a while since I posted anything food related so you guys are going to enjoy these mouthwatering dishes by BonChon. Korean culture still steadily invades our taste palates cos' BonChon just released its newest selections to cater to us Filipinos.

I think it's proper to say that the closest Bok Chicken we will ever have is the one that BonChon offers- "sweg" out on them if you can! I was really amazed on how each dish was properly plated and designed. I do love how they serve on stainless bowls (I think in a restaurant sense, it's what I usually splurge on- ha!). But really, the new dishes of BonChon are a must-try!

Aside from the K-tastic treats, BonChon still offers a wide selection of best-sellers that anyone can enjoy! Here's what you need to check out!


It's time to visit your nearest BonChon branch! See you there!