Sunday, September 24, 2017

Step up your ensemble with Boardwalk

An extremely hectic schedule doesn't stop me from posting a bad-ass ootd from Boardwalk- oh! I'm back for the nth time, by the way.

Quick update but our restaurant, Wild Kinjo, is finally up and running! I've been out of the blogging sphere due to the restaurant business but on a peaceful and well-deserved Sunday, I finally had the chance to do one blog post.

So here we go!


It’s kind of nostalgic to work with Boardwalk for the second time around because it’s one of the first brands to tap me as a blogger. This time, let me show you much more pieces from the brand! I’ve never been more hyped! I think Boardwalk always has a lot of fresh and trendy clothes to choose from, so it can get tricky to decide on what look to go for. 

The products’ price points are also a steal for their quality! Shopping with Boardwalk is like having fun your own fashion playground where having a headache on what to wear is a good problem. 

For this look, I decided to mix it up with a lot of grey and blue tones. I guess you can say that my outfit for the day is a mix of comfortable and subtly street style-influenced pieces for an on-the-go lifestyle. What’s great about my outfit is that the neutral colors definitely make the blue details pop.

 It’s nothing extremely fancy and flashy, but it blends well to the fashion blogger life. I also didn’t even stress about layering up even though the sun kept smacking me in the face. It’s that comfy! Also! There’s always my extremely busy schedule that’s full of endeavors. Wearing sneakers and pants (in this case, joggers) that are also sleek enough for my meetings is one of my guilty pleasures! Boardwalk’s pieces fit in my regular hustle and make me feel really good! 

Check out my picks below!

Full set | Boardwalk
Product Description: Hyman jacket, Miggo t-shirt, Arloz joggers

Photos by Arnie Villanueva (Raid My Closet)

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