Sunday, December 10, 2017

Locally: the next best juice drink

Okay, it's not really easy to choose the best juice drink especially when nutrition comes into play. But who knew the best one is made "locally"? Pinoy pride right there!

In the deep slumber of my blog, I made sure that everything outside the review and social media sphere was afloat- which in turn took a lot of time away from online shenanigans. But yeah! things have finally stabilized and I'm back to blogging (for the nth time!).

If you guys didn't know, Locally was one of the first ever brands that tapped me for blogging so it's just right that I attend their events as a way to give back. 

------------So, what is Locally?-----------

Locally is a homegrown beverage brand that packs a lot of pun-tastic statements where all-Pinoy flavors circle its refreshing arsenal. Each flavor is created from natural, homegrown fruits sourced from different parts of the country. It's quite the unique take from other juice products and the experience is completely refreshing! 

With Locally, you'll get to go on a taste trip around the Philippines with its indigenous flavors: Mangosteen (Mangosteenie Miney Mo), Sineguelas (Save The Best For Sineguelast), Dalandan (You've Dalandan It Again), Tamarind (Tamarind My Bell), Guyabano (Guyabano-body But You), Calamansi (Calamansi'z the Day), Pomelo (Pomelong and Lasting Love), and Buco (Merci Buco). (I mean, c'mon! check out all those awesome puns!)

Also! one of the best things about Locally is that their local produce helps support our Filipino farmers and the farming community! Purchasing one goes a long long way.


You thought I was done? Nah! because more good news are still on this blog! Locally just wheeled-in their very own funky truck to share some natural, homegrown beverage around the Philippines!

We were grateful to experience its first stop at Bonifacio Global City last October November 24! There were many awesome artists that performed and we enjoyed the refreshing juice mixes that the truck offered. Really though, the refreshment was addictive- in a good way! 

Watch out for the Locally Fruit Truck's upcoming stops around the metro! They'll be at Manila's top food parks, resto hubs, malls, and transport terminals! For updates, check out their Facebook page.

 Locally juices are available in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores. 

Bottled Juices - Php30.95
Cans - Php24.50
Merci Buco Tetra Pack (330ml) - Php34.45
Merci Buco (1L) - Php91.95

Until the next one!