Thursday, January 4, 2018

Get Your Own Personalized Music Video by UBER

Thankfully, through Uber, we now have a safer and more convenient solution to get to destinations around the metro. It may not be as cheap as your commuting fare but adding in some more peso for an Uber car can make your life way easier.

Even during our recent trip in Cebu, Arnie and I got to go around the city through Uber. This app is very reliable!

Along with our blog friends, I attended Uber's year-end party at B.A.D. (Breakfast All Day) last December. Aside from recapping how 2017 went for the company, they also revealed their special treat for all Uber users - our own personalized music video!
Here's how YOU can get your own Uber music video:

I got "The Nightrider" archetype and that means I've booked my Ubers sunset onwards. True enough, I use Uber to go home after our restaurant operations or with my dates with Arnie- yup!

To more Uber rides this 2018! Happy New Year, folks!